Witness the raw and breathtaking beauty everywhere you look, and get up close to the animals and people of this beautiful land.

Travel Your Dreams

Wanderful Tanzania brings you into the wild to experience what you’ve previously seen only in documentaries or magazines. 

Get out there and see for yourself all of the raw and breathtaking beauty that Mother Nature delivers every day in Tanzania. 

Let the iconic acacia trees and waving grasses soothe your soul. Witness sunrises and sunsets that will leave you breathless. 

Lose yourself in the thundering rumble of vast wildebeest herds breaking into a gallop. And feel every ounce of tension drain away as you listen to the African rain on your tent, snuggled into your comfortable bed at the end of another perfect day on safari.

 “Africa – You can see a sunset and believe you have witnessed the Hand of God. You watch the slow lope of a lioness and forget to breathe. You marvel at the tripod of a giraffe bent to water. In Africa, there are iridescent blues on the wings of birds that you do not see anywhere else in nature. In Africa, in the midday heat, you can see blisters in the atmosphere. When you are in Africa, you feel primordial, rocked in the cradle of the world.”

* Jodi Picoult (American author)