One of the things I often say of my 3 trips to Africa thus far is that I have gone on the assumption that my main attraction has been the wildlife.  Surely, one travels to Africa for the animals, right?  The place is a combination of Narnia, Treasure Island, and Dr. Seuss all wrapped up into one soul-grabbing land.  But what will surprise you most is that you go for the animals and fall madly in love with the people you meet.  From your Safari Guides to the Staff at the Camps and Hotels to the Tribes (if you are lucky enough to spend some time with them).  You gain a perspective on your own life.  You’ll meet the most hard-working people you’ve ever met.  Relatively speaking to our first world nation, they have nothing by way of material items.  Many sell beads and gourds to tourists in order to feed their families.  But the thing that will strike you is their sheer joy.  in everything they do, there is a generosity of spirit.  Even if it cannot be conveyed in language, you feel it deep in your soul.  


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