Our Tanzania Safaris

As a year-round destination, Tanzania reliably delivers unique and unforgettable safari experiences in each of her distinct seasons throughout the year. With its diverse wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and ancient cultural heritage, there is truly never a bad time to be on safari in Tanzania.
Discover the raw beauty of Tanzania on our exhilarating 10-day BIG FIVE ADVENTURE SAFARIS! Immerse yourself in her amazing people, beautiful places, and incredible wildlife, and leave with memories that will stay with you forever. After all, isn’t that what you’d expect from a journey that is often referred to as “the trip of a lifetime?”
Our ultimate 12-day EXTENDED safaris elevate the standard safari experience by offering a bit more time in the most renowned parks, and giving guests the chance to fully immerse themselves in all the beauty and excitement that Tanzania has to offer.
Guests are invited to think of our safaris as “unhurried journeys of discovery,” as we use our decades of experience to create safaris that intentionally strike the perfect balance between activity and rest, adventure and reflection. We believe that this unique cadence creates a more meaningful, enjoyable, and memorable experience for our guests.