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Drawing on more than two decades of experience creating and delivering epic safaris for our guests, the Wanderful Tanzania team is eager to help you turn your safari dreams into reality right now! Read some testimonials from our past guests, and learn more about what Wanderful has to offer! 

Nancy J.

I met my best friend Kelly in the 6th grade. We were together every chance we got—at school, weekend sleepovers. And we would always sign our notes or letters to each other, “Love, your old buddy old pal and life long friend.” We have been having adventures together for 42 years. We have been there for each other through the joys and heartbreaks of growing up, supported each other through the tough times, and have been there to cheer each other on through the milestones of life. In 2019, I asked her if she wanted to go on a Safari with me and she hesitated just for a second. I said, “You are dangerously close to saying yes, aren’t you?” She smiled and said yes. I made us matching T shirts for our trip. Our Safari with Periquito Adventures was a celebration of those 42 years of friendship. And it was by far our BEST adventure. On the very first day of the safari, we saw a large herd of elephants cross the road in front of our vehicle. I felt like I had won the lottery. Kelly cried when she saw the elephants. In fact, every time Kelly saw elephants, she cried. This Tanzanian safari was one of the peak experiences of our lives. We made memories together that we will never forget. And we still call each other YOBOPALLF.

Stephanie J.
Phoenix, AZ

The animals, scenery, sunsets, and all of the things you think about when you think “African Safari” are absolutely as amazing as can be! But, for me, it was my fellow travelers (my new WANDERFUL TRIBE), the trip leaders and guides, and the people of Tanzania that have stolen my heart and restored my soul.

Bryan Tollefson

As one of the people in this safari adventure with Susie I strongly agree. We are having a ball. As a photographer it’s been a dream of mine to go on safari. This has exceeded my wildest imagination.

Nancy New Dumas

It has already been an incredible trip and we have another week to go! Very few other vehicles in the area and amazing wildlife at every turn. Susie has crafted a great tour agenda and our guide has an encyclopedic knowledge of the area. He takes extra care to position us for great photography.

Lesley Butters

Stunningly calm. Takes your breath away…

Kathy Steele

Lifetime experiences