Felix’s Job Qualifications – written and read by Brooksley Williams

Felix is so proud to be partnered with such amazing people in Tanzania, and immensely honored for the opportunity to accompany so many people to this beautiful land for what is undeniably the biggest trip of their lives!   

One of his favorite moments of every safari takes place at the final dinner.  He often polls his guests to talk about their single favorite moment on safari… or the one thing they never thought they’d see, but will certainly never forget.  You get the idea. 


I knew that my team and I had done a great job for this family when one of the guests said she would never forget how professional, kind, and competent our head guide, Felix Mdee, was, and how much he impacted her overall safari experience.  In fact, he moved her so much that she wanted to read to us a list of Job Qualifications she had witnessed him performing throughout the safari.   The list itself, and her reading of the same, is hilarious and adorable!   Luckily, I managed to capture it on video.  Check it out!

And, by the way, she is 100% accurate in her evaluation and description!  Felix is the MAN! 


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