Safari Day 6:

Today we decided to do a morning game drive and an evening game drive, but to come back to camp for lunch and a nap in between!   As my guests all retired to their tents for a siesta, I decided to stay at the lounge tent and get some photos edited and posted to the website. 

While I was enjoying the solitude, I heard zebra brays very close by.  As I stepped outside the lounge tent, I was greeted by THIS beautiful scene.   We are staying at a camp on the banks of Lake Ndutu… and as you’ll hear in the video, I have reached Nirvana!  Enjoy this video… and then book your own safari!  I’d love to bring you with me next time! 

Dateline:  Ndutu Conservation Area,  March 2019

Byline:  Susan Langley


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