Pack Up the Kids for Family Tanzania Safari Tours

Enjoy Experiences that Last a Lifetime

Many people put a safari on their bucket list, making it appear that such a trip is something only adults and senior travelers do. But more and more people are packing up the kids for family Tanzania safari tours.

Now is the time to take family Tanzania safari tours

Traveling as a family to enjoy Africa’s diverse cultures and amazing wildlife up close can be one of the most exciting and eye-opening experiences you can share together. You’ll create memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, safari travel provides several benefits for youngsters.

Thinking about gifting your child a Tanzania safari for Christmas or birthday? Research shows that spending money on experiences instead of physical things makes people happier. Here are 5 reasons to go ahead, make plans, and check off that bucket list item as early as possible for your child.

Tanzania is changing

Africa is seeing a disproportionate amount of impact from climate change, and sadly, global warming is already affecting East Africa. Experts predict many of the sites and wildlife in Tanzania today may not be around in 15 or 20 years. Now is the time for families to have the type of safari you have always imagined. Additionally, kids can get a first-hand experience of a lifetime on the savannah and the bush. You never know how being in these locations will impact a child. This trip may be the exact thing your future scientist, ecologist, or zoologist can claim influenced them from an early age to make changes that help all civilization.

Experience the Big 5

If your family has only seen elephants, Cape buffalo, lions, leopards, and rhinoceros in zoos, you’ve only seen a mini snapshot of these animals. To see the Big 5 as well as wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, hippo, and cheetah in the wild adds a dimension you can only gain when seeing these animals up close on safari. Plus, after witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration at river crossings throughout the safari in various locations, you’ll be guaranteed gob-smacking moments that will fuel storytelling for years to come.

Experienced Tanzania guides

Children are curious by nature, but everyone in the family may also wonder, “what’s that?” Hand-picked guides not only keep everyone in the family safe, but they also accompany you throughout the safari, eliminating the mystery and guesswork associated with an adventure of this caliber. Safari master Felix Mdee is like a human encyclopedia. He has decades of knowledge and experience with wildlife, birds, flora, and fauna. Maybe the kids can create a “Try to Stump the Guide” game and get an education unlike any they’d ever have in a classroom.

No ‘roughing it’

There’s nothing more troublesome when traveling than having a tired and hungry kid. During a family safari in Tanzania, parents won’t have to worry about having to sleep on the ground or eating freeze-dried camp packets. With Wanderful Tanzania, you’ll enjoy upscale accommodations at various camps and lodges throughout the tour, and chef-prepared dining daily. Relax at the camp in the evenings with showers and toilets. Then snuggle up in a cozy bed and fall asleep to sounds of crickets and an occasional lion roar in the distance (they can be heard from as far as 5 miles away!).

Kids get discounts 

Book your family safari with Wanderful Tanzania, and children under 2 years old are free. Children ages 2-12 receive a 10% discount. 

Book your family safari in Tanzania

Wanderful Tanzania takes small groups on incredible East African safaris several times each year. During this trip of a lifetime, your family will get the personalized attention only a boutique safari company can provide. Additionally, because we’re not stuck to a strict timeline, we can linger if there’s something that really interests you or the kids.

Drawing on more than two decades of experience, the WT team is eager to help you turn your family’s safari dreams into reality. We are dedicated to delivering an experience your family will remember forever. Book your family safari in Tanzania today.


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