Love is in the Air Valentine’s Day 2025 Safari


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SAFARI DATES: February 10-21, 2025





Your wildest dreams, elevated!

A past guest once referred to our safaris as “unhurried journeys of discovery”… and, yeah, we sort of love that too! Wanderful Tanzania’s team of safari experts draws upon our decades of experience to create safaris that strike that perfect balance between activity and rest, adventure and reflection. We believe that this unique cadence creates a more meaningful, enjoyable, and memorable experience that will stay with our guests for years to come!

When we realized that the dates of our February 2025 safari included Valentine’s Day, we knew that Love is in the Air would be the perfect name! After all, we truly LOVE introducing our guests to the most magical things abut Tanzania — her unbelievable diversity of wildlife, her breathtaking landscapes and skyscapes, her colorful and storied culture, and her incredibly warm and beautiful people.

But any safari dedicated to LOVE must be embellished in some meaningful way… so we’ve made it a point to elevate this safari to a whole new level! Our 2025 Love is in the Air Safari will take guests deep into the wilds for an authentic safari experience… BUT this time around we’ve sprinkled in some luxurious upgrades and upscaled touches throughout the adventure! In fact, we’re even including the incredible Hot Air Balloon experience as part of our the package as well! So come on…grab your favorite valentine and join us on this very special safari to celebrate your love!


What makes the Love is in the Air Safari extra special:

  • Meet and greet service upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport.
  • Restricted group size – For this special safari, we’ve limited the group size to a maximum of 12 people.
  • A one-way bush-flight into the Serengeti, designed to eliminate the day-long and very rough ride into the Serengeti, allowing guests more time to relax and dive right into their game drives instead.
  • Uncrowded safari vehicles – We will do everything we can to limit each safari vehicle to just 4-5 guests. This allows everyone to have a front-row seat for all of the wildlife encounters, and to move around fairly easily inside the vehicles.
  • Safari vehicles will be stocked with ice-cold beer (upon request), bottled water, and a few snacks throughout the safari.
  • Upgraded accommodations at key camps and lodges along the route, including 4 nights at one (or two) of the finest coffee lodges in East Africa.
  • An amazing hot air balloon safari and bush breakfast has been included (participation is voluntary, but highly encouraged!)
  • Visit to the incredible African Galleria… We’ll spend a few hours at this amazing place that is part exhibits, part museum, part souvenir/jewelry shopping, and has an amazing open-air restaurant with authentic East African cuisine as well!
  • A designated “Day of Rest” will take place while we are at one of the beautiful coffee lodges. There are a variety of activities for guests to choose from… book a massage/spa ritual, go on a guided walking tour of the groves and gardens… (if there is enough interest, I may be able to arrange for a private cooking class for our group with the executive chef, poolside — but this would need to be arranged ahead of time)
  • Day-use room for final day, prior to departing for airport.


Your Itinerary

Your safari begins the moment you exit the Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) and are greeted by your guide(s). They will help you with your luggage, and will take you to your first night’s accommodation at a beautifully appointed safari lodge in Arusha.

An exhilarating bush flight will take you from the Arusha Airport to the Seronera Airstrip in the central region of the Serengeti National Park, where you’ll meet your safari guide(s) for the first time! They will be there to welcome you to the Serengeti, will help you to get situated in the safari vehicle(s)… and you’ll be off on your first game drive of the safari, straight away!

The central region of the Serengeti National Park is the thing dreams are made of! Granite kopjes (pr. co-pees) pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, and dot the landscape like islands in a sea of wind-blown grasses.



The park has a well-earned reputation for reliable and unforgettable wildlife encounters which, at times, seem to be around every bend in the road!

Be on the lookout for elephants, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, hippos, and so much more! Your guide(s) will help you spot the big cats, as those are usually much harder to locate.

And the birds in the parks of Tanzania are nothing short of mind blowing in terms of volume, variety, and beauty!


Your next adventure will take place on the Ndutu Plains in the Southern Serengeti. This area was made famous by documentary and cinematic filmmakers, and by researchers such as Jane Goodall.

The best months to visit the Ndutu Region are from December (when the Great Migration herds start to arrive from the north) until April when the millions of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle have begun their next march northwards once again.



In the early months of the year – with a peak in February – the wildebeest herds are calving on the verdant grassy plains (upwards of 8,000 baby animals are born in this region each day during calving season), which, in turn, also attracts the attention of cheetahs, lions and hyenas. All six of the big cat species can be found in the area all year – lion, leopard, cheetah, caracal, serval and African wildcat.

Lake Ndutu and Lake Masek form shallow basins where water accumulates from the nearby highlands. The water in both lakes are extremely saline… too saline for human consumption. Lake Ndutu comes alive with animals during the migration because it is surrounded by the dense woodlands and short-grass plains, which provide ample cover and food.



Optional Hot Air Balloon Experience

As part of the aptly named Love is in the Air Safari , here’s your chance to soar above the Ndutu Plains of the southern Serengeti at sunrise! Soak in the majesty and incredible beauty of this unpoiled land that stretches for many, many miles in every direction. It will be your only opportunity to ride through the Serengeti in the darkness. The Serengeti comes alive at night with nocturnal predators, grazing hippos, and other things that go bump in the night! Just the truck ride is a great experience, but nothing compares to soaring peacefully above this majestic land!

All of the balloon pilots are all highly trained and skilled balloon professionals. While they cannot control WHERE the balloon goes, they can control the elevation and can spin the balloon 360 degrees, ensuring everyone has the perfect view of every scene you may float above!

It is breathtaking to look DOWN on a tower of giraffes, or soar above the grasslands and witness a pride of lions or herd of elephants on the move… or so actually see the endless lines of the great migration herd strung out across the plains.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience is followed by a champagne toast and a full English-breakfast and celebration in the bush.

The hot air balloon experience is included with your safari, but participation is optional.

Before we begin the climb out of the Serengeti on this day, we will stop for an hour or two at the famous OLDUVAI GORGE for a chance to visit to their well-curated museum and to hear a docent speak about the storied history of this important archeological site. This gorge is known around the world as “The Cradle of Mankind,” as the oldest homonid footprints were famously discovered there by Mary Leakey in 1959.



The site remains an active archeological excavation site, with universities, museums, and other research institutions sending teams of scientists there each year to continue the exploration. It is a fascinating place to spend a couple of hours and realize that every single person on the planet can trace their lineage to this very spot on Earth.

NEXT STOP… Ngorongoro Highlands and the village of Karatu!

As you leave the Olduvai Gorge area, the drivers will begin to make the climb into the Ngorongoro highlands and make their way around the rim road at the top of the famous crater. Before they head down the other side of the moutain, they will stop to let you peer into the Crater from the viewpoint. This will be your playground tomorrow… but for now, it’s on to the African Galleria and then the beautiful coffee lodge that awaits your arrival!

Millions of years ago this enormous volcano (taller than Kilimanjaro) collapsed during its eruption, forming this massive caldera which is nearly always mistakenly referred to as the “Ngorongoro Crater.”

Present day, this caldera is now an incredible, self-sustaining ecosystem that boasts the highest density of African wildlife on Earth, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site to boot!

It is worth the extra-early start to be one of the first groups to reach the crater floor on “Crater Day!” The primary goal of this day is to be on the lookout for the endangered Black Rhino (shown below). This will be your best shot at finding this element of the Big Five!



Although Tanzania has many wilderness and wildlife show pieces, this one is particularly difficult to put into words. With remarkable views from the ridge above, to the real action on the crater floor, the crater embodies a constant stir of wildlife and unspoiled scenes to keep you engrossed.

One of our past guests described Ngorongoro as “Where Heaven Meets Earth!” Another said it was like “A mixture of Narnia and Seuss, with just a dash of Jurassic Park!” However YOU describe it, it is a must-see on any Tanzanian safari!



This morning, you’ll spend a bit of time checking out the incredible African Galleria. This place is an amazing mixture of exhibits, galleries, fair-trade and authentic souvenirs, exquisite jewelry, and an incredible open-air restaurant with delicious East African food and refreshing drinks! While we are here, the group will enjoy and amazing lunch highlighting that delicious East African cuisine at its beautiful open-air restaurant!

After 10 days of bouncing around on dirt roads and early wake ups, you’ll deserve a full day of pure relaxation and leisurely pursuits. No safari trucks… no wildlife… no worries!

Midway between Lake Manyara and the Ngorongoro Crater lies the little town of Karatu. In this region, the hillsides are dotted with several sprawling coffee plantations from the colonial era in Tanzania. A few of these picturesque estates have been converted to upscale lodges, complete with English-style gardens and quaint farms.

Our Love is in the Air Safari guests will be delighted to learn they will be staying for 4 nights at one (or two… depending on availability) of these incredible, deluxe properties. Each offering guests the comfort of inviting cottages, private verandas, and stone fireplaces, inviting pools, and set amongst lush and impeccably maintained grounds.

The coffee grown on each of these properties is still harvested, processed, and roasted on site. Additionally, the vast fruit and vegetable gardens provide almost all of the fresh produce that the executive chef’s use in the wholesome and delicious meals they prepare for our guests each day.

Please feel free to explore the grounds on your own… or join a tribal member from one of the nearby villages who lead free walking tours of the groves and gardens each afternoon. Or, of course, you can simply grab a drink or a book and find a quiet place to sit a spell and just soak in the sweeping views out over the tranquil gardens.


Before you leave that last lodge, it will be time to thank your guide(s) for the final time. These guys, perfect strangers just 12 short days ago, are very likely to now be your treasured friends. They will wish you safe travels and know they are sending you home with your hearts and minds full of the wonderful memories from your time in Tanzania! A small portion of your safari fees will be given to the guides for their services on this safari, but any additional tips or gratitude you wish to show them will be tremendously appreciated. It is your generosity that helps them put their children through school, and helps them survive the seasons when there are no safaris each year.



  • Pre-trip preparation and guidance, including detailed Tour Packet and series of infographics designed to make sure you are ready to safari
    Arrival welcome by your safari guide(s) as you exit the Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania
  • All transfers throughout the safari (to/from airports, hotels, tour-related excursions, etc.)
  • Bush-plane flight from Arusha to Serengeti
  • Experienced, local, professional driver(s)/guide(s) (English speaking)
  • Hot Air Balloon Expedition & Celebration Breakfast in the bush
  • Balloon pilot and balloon staff/breakfast staff tips (additional gratuities are appreciated, at your discretion)
  • All accommodations at a variety of well-appointed tented camps and upscale safari lodges
  • All breakfasts and dinners, chef-prepared daily
  • All lunches (either hot lunch or box lunches, depending on daily schedule)
  • Special small plates & cold beer at the African Galleria
  • Ice-cold beer (upon request), bottled water, and snacks provided in trucks
  • Bottled water, coffee, and tea
  • All safari transportation in specially-modified Land Cruisers, inclusive of fuel
  • All taxes related to tourism
  • All park, service, conservancy, and entrance fees associated with safari itinerary
  • Farewell lunch at the day-use lodge
  • Some Day-of-Rest activities (exclusive of tipping)
  • Basic tips for guides (additional gratuities are appreciated, at your discretion)
  • Basic tips for camp and lodge staff members (additional gratuities are appreciated, at your discretion)



  • Airfare to/from Tanzania
  • Any additional gratuities you wish to give your guides, or any of the staff members you encounter at lodges, camps, or on the balloon expedition (These should be at your discretion, according to your means and from your heart. Almost every place has a tip box available that you can use at the end of your stay, rather than tipping for every carried bag or drink purchase, etc. You can feel free to pool your tips as a group if desired)
  • Beverages (beer, wine, liquor, soft drinks) purchased from lounges, camps, restaurants or stores. (Beverages are generally very inexpensive in Tanzania)
  • Travel and evacuation insurance (strongly recommended – provider recommendations provided in Tour Packet)
  • Pre- or Post-Safari accommodations, transportation, meals, or tours