The 12-days of Safari written and performed by Kit Flanagan and family

We are blessed beyond words to have so many amazing guests join our safaris.  Case in point:   Williams’ Family Safari, March 2020.   

Wanting to do a safari to celebrate her milestone birthday, Kit invited her sister and her mom and dad to join her in Tanzania.   Luckily, they all leaned in and agreed to join her on this grand adventure.  She’ll be the first to tell you that it was her best idea ever!   

It was an absolute joy to accompany this beautiful family on safari!  Every single day there were magical and spontaneous moments that simply took my breath away. Sure, some of them were from the animals and the scenery all around us… but more than a few of them were from the family themselves.  

One of these magical moments happened on the last night of safari after we finished dinner.   Kit announced that she had been moved to write a song called “The 12 Days of Safari” during our trip, and she wanted to sing it for all of us.   Man!  Talk about knowing without a doubt that a guest has enjoyed every minute of a safari!   This takes the cake!    We hope you will enjoy this along with us!


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