One of the most photogenic men I’ve ever met, Zachariah is a fierce Masai Warrior who guards the camp set at the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater.  You’d never know that in meeting him.  He presents as the most peaceful, gentle, soft-spoken soul.  He has kind eyes that you just know have seen unspoken horrors and cosmic injustice.  He patrols the camp there on the rim of the Crater, protecting guests and camp staff from elephants and lions.  He walks in quiet strength, through the night, watching over all of us.  He knows the grounds like the lines of his own hands.  He knows how the trees bend, how the bushes grow a certain way.  He observes how the animals leave their mark on the land, letting us know that we are simply visitors on THEIR land.  I’ve met this man 3 times.  Each time I’ve wanted to sit and have a long conversation about his life.  Each time, I’ve left disappointed in myself for not learning more Swahili to convey my deep admiration for this man.  

Dateline:   July 2019 Byline:  Kate M. – North Carolina


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