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Experience Tanzania’s unique and vibrant Green Season safari, where the endless plains of golden grasses transform into a lush, verdant paradise from December to March. This time of year offers a photographer’s dream with soft light, dramatic clouds, breathtaking skyscapes, and beautiful birds in every direction. With smaller crowds, little dust, and fun mud-bogging, the Green Season is the perfect time to witness the Great Migration and the birthing of over 400,000 babies in the Ndutu region. You might even hear the sound of rain on your tent as you sleep and witness rainbows over the savannas. The Ndutu region, a seasonal part of the Serengeti, is accessible during this time, making it a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the Great Migration and witness love in the air as animals mate.

The Green Season is a one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t want to miss.

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