Safari Day 2:

I’M ON SAFARI!!!  Just thought I’d share that with you in case you didn’t already know it!

This morning we took a beautiful road down into the Ngorongoro Crater for our first full-day game drive.  The mist was hugging the top of the crater rim, and I swear we were the first truck into the crater!   In the first 5 minutes we came across a huge herd of ZEBRAS (my favorite) and Cape Buffalo.   Driving on we saw a pride of Lions near one of the streams.  Before 10 a.m. we had seen 5 Black Rhinos, several elephants, and a pool filled with flatulent Hippos! 

Check out this beautiful shot along one of the streams.  Our tour leader tells us that Black Rhinos are the hardest of the Big-5 to spot… but it sure seemed easy for us.  We even saw two of them strolling along the river together!   What a treat!

Dateline:  Ngorongoro Crater, March 2020

Byline: Kit F.  from Healdsburg, CA


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